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How does the Greenlight laser work?

The Greenlight Effects on the Prostate

As the laser energy is directed onto the inner prostate surface, heat is produced at a temperature in excess of 1000C. This very high temperature causes the solid prostate tissue to vaporise directly to a gaseous vapour. As the operation proceeds, more and more of the prostate seems to disappear within these gas bubbles. As explained above, bleeding is prevented by the sealing effect of the green laser light affecting the red blood cells. This vaporisation effect goes to a depth of 1mm, however, the tissue heating effect can be up to 10mm deep. This is important to remember as it may be the reason why a number of men experience symptoms for some weeks after the procedure (see post-operative section). Patients also experience the passage of cloudy, white debris in the urine for some weeks after the Greenlight prostatectomy procedure. This occurs as the new sculptured surface of the prostate heals and the remaining dead tissue on the new surface comes away. This is a normal part of the recovery process and settles with time without intervention.


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